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I said no!

You insisted.

You said, you was going to change, that everything would be different.

But you never wanted to change.

I took a long time to realize myself completely tangled up in your weaves

And it made me lose precious things

Opportunities, loves, adventures

Made me ashamed of myself

Your webs tied my mouth and my soul

Stopped me from howling or singing

For a long time I bleated like a sheep

You made me believe that I was one

You made me believe I was part of the herd

Oh, this is a big joke!

The truth is you were afraid of losing control

You chained me to fulfill your fantasies

A wolf trapped in an old spider's webs

But I said: No!

And again, you insisted.

I said no! Again. And again. As many as needed.

And you threw me poison.

Expose your true face

With your eight hateful eyes

You spent so many years in the herd

But the truth is, neither you nor I are sheep

And that makes us even further apart

I saw too late your smallness

But soon enough to set me free

I don't really care what you do with your life

But with mine, you'll never touch again

I hang you in your own webs

I suffocate you with your own poison


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